Teach Beyond provides educational services to students, educators, and schools in more than 50 countries. We recruit teachers, administrators, and support staff for more than 60 international and national K-12 schools, provide English language teachers to universities, and sponsor English language summer camps. We use regional conferences and traveling teacher-educators to equip national teachers to impart a Christian worldview in all subjects.

Our History

TeachBeyond was born on the western Canadian prairies in 1954, when Leo Janz committed himself to bringing the gospel to post-war Germany. In 2006, the Board of Directors recast the vision to undertake new initiatives. Out of this came the phrase, “teach beyond,” which became the name of the organization in 2009.

Our Mission

TeachBeyond is a global community of followers of Jesus, seeking to provide transformational education services to children and adults in order to promote holistic personal growth and enduring social benefit.

Join us in participating in God’s global work by serving Him through transformational education!

* TEACH: Serve as a Christian educator at one of many Christian schools overseas. You can work at a school serving the local students, expatriates, or missionary kids (MKs). Search the Opportunity Board to see the many possibilities.

* NOT A TEACHER? You want to serve God overseas using the gifts and abilities He’s given you, but you’re not a teacher or administrator. Is there a place for you in TeachBeyond? Yes! It takes many people with a variety of skills and backgrounds to run schools, education projects, and a mission organization.

* SHORT-TERM: If you would love to serve but can’t serve long-term, we have many opportunities for you. Some are a few weeks or months overseas and some allow you to stay where you are and work part-time.

Openings are available in various locations! Contact us for specific opportunities. Positions are funded through support raising, stipend may be available.

Our Values

We ascribe to and embrace nine values that inform our beliefs, guide our actions, and define our character: faith, integrity, holiness, love for people, creativity, cultural relevance, congeniality, partnering with others, and excellence.

What We Do

TeachBeyond has affiliations with schools in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East. Our members serve a variety of K-12 schools. Some focus primarily on missionary kids, others focus on international or expatriate students, and some focus primarily on the nationals of the country where the school is located.

We also work at universities and seminaries, at English language centers (TEFL/TESL), in teacher education, and with refugees. We are looking for teachers, administrators, dorm parents, resident assistants, maintenance and support staff, chaplains, professors, and others. We will provide you with assistance at every step from completing the application process to starting your overseas assignment.

While you are serving with Teach Beyond, we provide professional development and mentoring to help you grow professionally and spiritually. In some regions, you will have opportunities to attend professional educators’ conferences. In the vast majority of our schools/projects, you will be joining a local team of TeachBeyond members that provides an additional measure of support and encouragement.

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