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MissionPREP is a Canadian based organization committed to enhancing the long-term effectiveness of Christians serving in cross-cultural mission. We offer interactive training programs for the whole family in three areas: cross-cultural life & ministry, language acquisition strategies, and debriefing the missionary experience.

Our History

MissionPREP traces its origins back to 1989 when a number of leaders of Canadian mission agencies recognized the need to form a training partnership in Canada for the preparation of new missionaries involved in cross-cultural ministry.

The training partnership was motivated by these concerns:

Research showed a high percentage of missionary attrition could be prevented if new missionaries received effective pre-field training.

Many Canadian mission agencies depended on larger US counterparts for pre-field training.

Competition between mission agencies needed to be replaced with cooperative partnerships in the area of pre-field training.

December of 1991 saw the first 14 missionaries trained through this new partnership. In June 1994 this training partnership merged with Missionary Internship Canada, (MI Canada), which is an affiliate of Mission Training International in Colorado, North America’s leader in cross-cultural training.

From 1998 – 2008 a key partnership was formed with The Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre of Tyndale University College and Seminary. Through these years the growth of MissionPREP exceeded all expectations. In 2003 MissionPREP provided pre-field intercultural training to over two hundred missionaries.

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As we look back on the history and development of MissionPREP we can see God’s hand of blessing upon the vision given 20 years ago. We give God the glory and praise for all He has accomplished through MissionPREP in the past and look forward to His continued blessing in the years ahead.

Our Mission

Facilitating high quality accessible training for effective cross-cultural ministry by pooling resources, providing courses, and fostering collaboration among agencies, churches and schools.

Our Values

MissionPREP’s Core Values are based on the example of Jesus, who demonstrated and taught that wholehearted love for God and sacrificial love for people are the highest values we can aspire to. Thus, the Core Values which guide MissionPREP and influence our policies and practices are built on the foundation of love.

1 Collaboration

We are an organization composed of individuals and groups committed to training and supporting Christians to live and minister cross-culturally. We prioritize working together with others who have a similar Kingdom vision.

2 Cultural Relevance

We design programs which reflect sensitivity towards the learners and the contexts which they will live and minister in. We affirm God’s sovereign creation and redeeming work among all cultures and peoples on the earth. We value facilitators which bring experience from a wide range of specific cultures and who model respect toward others.

3 Community

We believe learning happens both formally in the classroom and informally in the process of experiencing life together. We believe that the entire family can be prepared to minister cross-culturally. We organize our programs to attend to the needs of singles, couples, and families and to foster healthy interaction in community.

4 Character

We value and seek to model honesty, authenticity, consistency and trustworthiness in our policies and practices. We desire to teach and live out the principles and Spirit of God’s word in our relationships and activities.

5 Change

At all levels of our organization we regularly reflect on our mission, goals, activities and the manner in which we accomplish them. We receive input from stakeholders and consultants in order to evaluate our own effectiveness and to maximize the impact of the learning which occurs in and beyond our programs.

Contact: Denise Duggan
Organization: MissionPREP
Phone: 416-840-5488
P.O. Box 92204
Toronto Ontario M1W 3Y9

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