Open Arms Transitional Care

Open Arms Transitional Care is a collaboration of Bay area prison ministries and faith-based organizations engaged in developing resource networks that enable inmates to successfully transition from incarceration to community living. This transition begins prior to the individual’s release. It is an intricate process, having many different routes that must be pursued simultaneously in order to successfully complete the transition. Essentially, it takes a wholistic approach to support and meet the inmates in their areas of need. The initial route and steps taken will largely determine the ease and success of the transition.

Our History

We are a group of passionate disciples of Christ pursuing the goal of meeting the needs of our incarcerated brothers and sisters before and after release in order to assist in transition back into community, the local church and family. We represent several local churches and our commonality is the love we have for Jesus and for those He brings our way.

After years of visiting those in prison and jail Leslie Arroyo and Otis Cole determined in our hearts to do something for the many being released back into society without support. The task was daunting, but we knew that we could at least love one by one and meet the needs as we were able for housing, clothing, food, employment, and reconciliation. It was at that time that Open Arms Transitional Care was birthed.

We continue to network and partner with other ministries and organizations to meet the needs of believers leaving supervision and transitioning back into the SFO Bay area and throughout California.

We invite you to join us as we love and disciple each person one by one.

Our Mission

To see ex-offenders transitioned from confinement into the freedom of God’s promises.

This organization and ministry is birthed from the heart of God. It is meant to support incarcerated Christians and help them transition back into society. Our goal is to give you the support you need and connect you to the right resources. By walking together we hope to see you become who God has created you to be – healed, whole and a productive member of the kingdom and society.

Our Values

Transition is not a change of address; it’s a change of heart, mind and spirit.

What We Do

1. To maintain a resource book and network, identifying programs and ministries available in the greater Bay area. These resources would be used in developing the transition plan for each individual.

2. To assist in the transition of ex-offenders, engaging with each individual to develop a transition plan to meet each person’s unique needs.

3. To stand in the gap connecting the individual to the Person of Jesus Christ and His body of believers bringing healing through the practical application of the Word of God; and

4. To encourage restoration of relationships in the family, society and the work place.

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