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  • MACCOP Kenya - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • MACCOP Kenya - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • MACCOP Kenya - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • MACCOP Kenya - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • MACCOP Kenya - Kenya  - Mission Finder


Welcome to the Maasai-Land volunteer Programme, My name is Daniel Pariken and I am the Project founder MACCOP-KENYA, the Organization you will be volunteering with in Kenya. We are very grateful for the time you are going to give volunteering in our Maasai community and we look forward to meeting you.

We connect people world-wide with opportunities to serve, build the capacity of organizations to effectively involve volunteers, promote volunteerism, and to provide leadership in strategic initiatives related to volunteerism.

The volunteer opportunities are in: teaching, working in children’s homes, primary healthcare, community development and HIV/AIDS programs.

Our History

Maasai Community Concern & Children Programme is registered by the government under the Social services Department as community based organization operating within the Olasiti, Nairronde, Ilkilorit and Olmeroi areas of Maasailand at Ngong Hills, approximately 50, 60, 65 kilometers west of Nairobi respectively.

Our Mission

To foster sustainable development in the Maasai community through educationally, culturally and economically into a modern self-reliant community without interfering or negating their positive traditional value systems.

Our Values

An educated and developed Maasai community whose cultural practices contribute positively towards gender and social equity and respect for human rights.

MACCOP Kenya - What We Do

We are involved in the following programs


The main purpose of this project is to encourage education of the maasai girl child and make community members especially women gain confidence that they are the prime movers of their own destiny and they are the major forces in dealing with the issues that confront them. Currently, 80% of Maasai girls are circumcised and married off before they reach the age of 12 years.

Circumcision of both boys and girls is considered a rite of passage. It is however more serious for girls as they are considered ready for marriage once circumcised.


Maasai Bead Work and Ornaments: The project will seek to help Maasai women to make and market traditional beaded jewelry and use the proceeds of the jewelry sales for sending their children to school as well as feed other dependants. The women make variety of ornaments and artifacts though the market is limited. Maccop will seek the market both locally and abroad.


Not only clean water is a prerequisite for the community’s health but generally water. The project aims to develop sustainable sources of clean water. The absence of adequate water supply imposes an enormous threat to the entire community.

The project will seek donors to help in drilling of wells where necessary and distribute the spring water to the people around it. MACCOP will also organize the community to plant drought tolerant plants, build gabions and trees and around the water holes and dams. These plants will serve as a natural and effective means of preventing future soil erosion.


Community based health care is a set of approaches which inform, involve and empower the Maasai community to make their own decisions about improving their health status. The objectives of community-based health care are to give individuals, families and community more ownership and control of their health care to enable them to accept effective and health services.

The project will focus on community capacity building through development of a community health structure, and community own resource persons as well as establishing community pharmacies. The program also requires strengthening and supporting existing health systems. MACCOP will work the volunteers and community to strengthen the provision and utilization of health services. The project will seek the support of donors and well-wishers to construct a community clinic as there are inadequate health facilities in the area.


The Maasai have always co-existed well with wildlife and preserved their environment. However due to population growth, the project will initiate measures in liaison with the community that will culminate in better environmental conservation for the benefit of the community, wildlife and livestock.

6. Naserian Community Orphanage

Having a strong Christian principle that the project seeks to uphold, Naserian Community Orphanage & Children employs the following principles as a guide to the delivery of services in order to realize the holistic objectives and development among the communities it serves. Naserian Community Orphanage & Children Home seeks to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, medical care, building of self-esteem and social living skills. make the generators in order are limited.

Contact: Daniel Pariken Sakuda
Organization: MACCOP Kenya
Phone: 254722846966
P.O Box 822 00208
Ngong Hills

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