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  • Promise Land Ranch School - California  - Mission Finder

  • Promise Land Ranch School - California  - Mission Finder

  • Promise Land Ranch School - California  - Mission Finder

  • Promise Land Ranch School - California  - Mission Finder

  • Promise Land Ranch School - California  - Mission Finder

Promise Land Ranch School

Promise Land Ranch School brings free education, healthcare, meals, and clean water to children in need.

After five years of prayer, planning, and gathering support from friends, family, and local churches, Promise Land Ranch began receiving the first students in 2010. Initially, preschool was the only grade offered to 15 children. One additional grade per year has been offered since the first cohort of students. Now we provide preschool through eighth grade education.

Today, Promise Land Ranch has over 300 enrolled students! These students attend Promise Land Ranch tuition-free and are provided uniforms, books, supplies and new shoes. Promise land Ranch is famous within the Prampram School District for providing quality education and is known by the locals simply as “Promise”.

Promise Land Ranch School exists to provide poor children free Christian education, experience the power of God in their lives and impact the world around them with the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our History

In 2005, John Essien had a dream to make education available to all children of Ghana. The problem is that education is not a free public resource in Ghana. All schools require tuition payments for students to enroll. Born and raised in the community, John knew first-hand of the poverty caused by average incomes of just $42 per month. Many parents cannot afford the high tuition fees while living on low household income. The result is many children lack access to receiving a quality education.

Without school to attend, many children will begin working as early as 5 years old to help support their families, thus severely limit their ability to grow into their full-potential.

God called John and his wife, Tara, on a journey of faith to make this dream come true.

Our Mission

John and Tara realized that the need was greater than education. Children were coming to school hungry and without food. Educating a hungry child is more challenging. They added breakfast and lunch for their kids. Another need was quickly identified: too many children were coming to school in tattered clothes with no shoes. John and Tara prayed and shared this need with their family, friends, and church members who got to work raising funds for uniforms and shoes for all the kids.

A few years later the need for transportation became apparent when too many children were not able to make it to school consistently. This was particularly apparent during the rainy season. John and Tara didn’t know where the funds would come from but trusted God to provide. Once again, by the grace of God money was raised to purchase a school bus. The bus became a huge blessing for many kids by providing transportation to keep them in school. The bus doubles as a reliable source of income supporting Promise Land Ranch operations by renting it out on weekends.

Promise Land Ranch has one bus and needs funding for three more buses.We are currently operating out of a rented three story residential building but need a larger, safer and more permanent campus. John and Tara purchased six acres of land a few years back in anticipation of building this campus but without funding to start the project. Construction began in 2017 building out this new campus and is expected to be complete by 2020. Every building is single story. There will be four separate buildings and twenty four rooms in total.

Contact: Tara Essien
Organization: Promise Land Ranch School
Phone: 760-740-9027
1737 West 11th Avenue
Escondido CA 92029

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