Rafiki Foundation

The Rafiki Foundation is cultivating a multitude of godly contributors through Bible study and classical Christian education in Africa.

Help us transform the lives of thousands of impoverished children and impact the next generation of the world. Serve at any one of Rafiki’s 10 Villages.

• A model school
• A teacher training college

• 10-20 church schools in using the Rafiki Education System
• The music, arts, agriculture or athletics programs

Our History

The story of The Rafiki Foundation is inextricably woven with the life of its founder, Rosemary McEachern Jensen. Rosemary McEachern Jensen, born July 20, 1929, is the fourth of six children born to Don and Mayhoward McEachern. Raised in a log house on the banks of the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida, Rosemary knew at an early age that she wanted to tell others about God.

In the summer of 1946 when a pastor challenged a group of youth to give their lives to the foreign mission field, Rosemary felt compelled to step forward and answer the call. That one step began a seven-decade journey in God’s service, first as a missionary to Tanzania, then as the executive director of Bible Study Fellowship International, and most recently as the president of The Rafiki Foundation, Inc.

Since 1985, the vision of the Rafiki Foundation has been to cultivate a multitude of godly contributors in Africa through Bible study and classical Christian education.

To accomplish this, Rafiki established 10 Rafiki Training Villages within the African countries of Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Rafiki’s vision is carried out in each Village through five programs: Bible Study, Education, Teacher Training, Orphan Care, and Widows.

Over the decades, God has sent out many men and women to join in this mission in Africa. Perhaps he is calling you!

Our Mission

At Rafiki, our main goal is to help people know God through studying the Bible. It is vital for people to learn the truths of the God’s Word and apply them to their lives. The Rafiki Bible Study is central to all we do at Rafiki Villages—in the cottages, in the classrooms, and in the colleges—everyone is studying the Bible every day.

The Rafiki Bible Study adult level lessons were developed by 18 notable theologians and are now available in a variety of formats for schools, home Bible studies, and Sunday School in both the USA and Africa.

What We Do

Rafiki adopted classical Christian education because it guides young students to reach their God-given potential and grow in wisdom and virtue. Over the course of 18 years, we developed the Rafiki Classical Christian Curriculum in order to craft an academically and biblically robust educational system.

Not only do we use these materials in our 10 Rafiki Villages, but we are also able to take these wonderful resources God has provided and distribute them to the Church. Rafiki partners with 23 African denominations that represent 20,000 schools—within the next decade, we hope to provide 1000 of these schools with the Rafiki Bible Study and curriculum to impact 500,000 children.

We are now pleased to offer this curriculum to families and schools in the USA as well.

From the beginning, Rafiki’s vision has been to help future generations grow through knowledge of God and a love of learning. Godly teachers are needed to cultivate godly contributors, thus Rafiki has established teacher training colleges in many of our 10 countries.

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