Rescue Task Force

Rescue Task Force is an agile and innovative non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate suffering and provide developmental aid to those who have been marginalized by geography or economic deprivation.

Rescue Task Force goes to where others do not, to do what others will not.

Our History

Serving since 1988, RESCUE TASK FORCE is a global 9-1-1 VOLUNTEER disaster relief organization.

Our Mission

Rescue Task Force has three main areas of relief outreach:
1) Response to natural and man made disasters both in the United States and abroad, usually responding within hours of the disaster striking. For example, we have provided relief supplies after the recent Tornadoes in Alabama, Indiana, and Illinois, Hurricane Katrina, Burma, El Salvador flood, Afghanistan, Kosovo. RTF typically works in remote, difficult to access isolated villages that are overlooked by conventional relief providers.

2) Medical clinics and heath related supplies and services. Rescue Task Force operates four medical clinics in the Moskita Coast of Honduras providing medical access to those who otherwise would have a day’s length canoe paddle to the nearest medical services. We also provide dental care, water sanitation, wheel chair delivery and distribution.

3) Women’s Literacy Centers in Afghanistan: RTF operates 21 literacy centers for women in Afghanistan, bringing the transformational gift of literacy to entire communities.

Our Values


What We Do

Rescue Task Force (RTF) medical teams respond to areas which have never had outside contact. We build and equip regional medical clinics in deep jungle communities and provide villagers with safe water. RTF volunteer teams respond to natural and man-made disasters in conflictive zones – providing relief to victims of combat and refugees of war.

RTF teams have delivered over $87 million in donated relief and supplies to Central America, Mexico, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Haiti. Rescue Task Force operates twenty-three Literacy Learning Centers for woman in Afghanistan and has built three full service medical clinics in the jungles of Honduras’ Miskito Coast.

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