Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship India

Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship is a local non-profit charity based in Budi Dist Balaghat State Madhya Pradesh India , that mentors, advises and develops partnerships with secular and faith based programs worldwide in an effort to support various humanitarian and social Spiritual improvement projects. These projects include: homeless services, shelter for orphans, prison ministry, outreach to communities of extreme poverty, rescuing street children, providing medicine where healthcare is scarce, and supporting missionaries.

Our History

Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship was founded in Feb 1, 2000 by Rev Arvind Deep and wife and Amika Deep in a mud huts room In recognition and honor of God blessing them with the covenant of marriage, they both vowed to use their talents and energy for the Kingdom’s work and make God’s work the priority over everything else.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor, advise, grow and develop non-profit organizations independent churches Missionary who have not resource to go ahead for harvest filed of Jesus . We provide support spiritually financially when it available with us and develop new non-profits and we assist in the growth of existing non-profits by providing essential business services such as financial management, network connections, and leadership training. In turn we evaluate non-profit organizations anywhere in India and build networks of honest and trustworthy programs that donors can support with confidence.

Our Values

The most important life-changing decision a person will ever make is that of personal faith: to believe or not to believe, what to believe and how to carry out those beliefs. Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship NGO is clear, grounded and deeply rooted in the beliefs of its founders and is currently sharing and spreading those beliefs in our community.

What We Do

Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship focuses on these four areas:

1 – We advise and help grow non-profits that already exist

2 – We are mentors. We help individuals who wish to start their own non-profit

3 – We provide financial support to existing non profits and fund start-ups

4 – We support existing non profits by providing business services

Revival Tabernacle Church Fellowship needs donor prayer and financial support for our on going activity .we are ready to partnership with any funding organization , donor who will support our activity and we are ready to provide all our progress report monthly quarterly.

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