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  • Straight Path Ministries - Michigan USA  - Mission Finder

  • Straight Path Ministries - Michigan USA  - Mission Finder

  • Straight Path Ministries - Michigan USA  - Mission Finder

Straight Path Ministries

Straight Path Ministries is a non-denominational, Christian ministry committed to the fulfillment of The Great Commission with the desire to help individuals, families, and communities through the power of the Gospel. We accomplished this through a culturally cognizant approach to evangelism, and teaching the commands of the Bible.

Our History

As members of Christian Churches, Derek in St. Clair, MI and Mimi in Zacapa, Guatemala, they met during a mission trip in Guatemala. Mimi was already a missionary working at the ministry where God called Derek to ministry life. Upon Derek’s return to the U.S., they kept in daily contact and after much prayer they realized that God put them together for a reason. They married in Michigan on June 8th, 2014, sold just about all of his belongings, purchased a used 4×4 truck, and began their journey to Guatemala where they now live and serve the Lord.

Our Mission

Guatemala is a religiously diverse country with many churches that were planted by numerous missionaries who introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their own methods and cultural views. Straight Path Ministries is committed to discipleship by presenting the Word of God through a culturally cognizant approach that makes us aware of the needs in the culture for a very personal God which helps them to rejoice in His love.

Our Values

Our values are those directed by God in the Bible and demonstrated through the life of Jesus Christ. It is no secret that there is a continually growing need to teach these values to people of all ages around the world. With this in mind, we are dedicated to using these Biblical values to Empower, Inspire Hope, Serve, and Strengthen individuals, families, and communities in the impoverished areas of Guatemala.

Straight Path Ministries - What We Do

Women’s workshops – We conduct weekly workshops at churches in remote villages. The women are brought closer to God by engaging them in Bible lessons, sewing and crafting workshops, and fun activities.

Children’s Programs (VBS) – Every year we bring Bible lessons, worship, activities, and food to the children in remote villages that do not have the opportunity to attend at the nearest church.

Action Bible – A project bringing the Gospel to the children of Guatemala. This New Testament contains stories in comic format to which we have developed a values curriculum to be used in the schools of Chiquimula and Zacapa (Over 100,000 children in over 2500 schools).

Feel the field – We invite adult and teen groups from schools and churches to participate in the programs spreading the love of Jesus. We hope to build partnerships between churches and local villages providing an ongoing relationship with mission team visits.

Contact: Derek & Mimi Elles
Organization: Straight Path Ministries
Phone: 810-406-1962
PO Box 245
St. Clair MI 48079

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