In Deed and Truth Ministries

In Deed and Truth Ministries is a Christian mission established to bring the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of the Gospel to the remote area of Tonj, South Sudan through evangelism, medical and humanitarian aid.

Our History

Suzy  first discovered her calling to South Sudan following the devastating famine of 1998.  Video footage of that event was sent to churches throughout America and Suzy watched it in disbelief. She saw the horrifying scenes of people living without food for more than 2 months and literally starving to death in the town of Tonj, South Sudan.

She vowed to make herself available to God in whatever way He chose.

Her passion for the people of South Sudan led her to put aside her own safety and risk going into the heart of the civil war to bring the hope of the Gospel to the people. Through her efforts to effect change, she began praying for the overwhelming needs surrounding them and asked God to direct her path to the area He wanted her to work in. Together with the generous support of Kingdom partners, Suzy founded In Deed and Truth Ministries serving in Tonj, South Sudan and continues to serve there today.

Our Mission

Our desire at In Deed and Truth Ministries is to build up the existing church and community in South Sudan and transform lives by teaching the gospel and integrating evangelism and discipleship with disease prevention. We are committed to Jesus Christ and to glorifying Him though obedience to all He commanded, including compassion for the poorest of the poor.

Our Values

InDeed and Truth Ministries is a Christian mission established to bring the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of the Gospel to the remote area of Tonj in South Sudan.

What We Do

In Deed and Truth Ministries provides a platform for those ‘called’ to empower community owned transformation through spiritual and physical training as well as assistance to an impoverished community through prayer, generous giving of gifts and volunteer service.

Through our Discipleship Training Center, we offer a Christ-centered, Bible-based discipleship program for men and women. Our Medical Clinic headed by an American medical doctor provides basic medical and emergency care without charge.

We also train local Sudanese to learn to care for their people and serve as interpreters. Lastly, our Community Health Evangelism’s goal is to see Jesus fully recognized as Lord over all creation and the only one to transform the beliefs and behavior of individuals and communities. Through development activities that reflect all depths of the Kingdom of God, His desire for us to live with peace, justice, compassion and righteousness is the foundation for lasting transformation.

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