• Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

  • Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - Texas USA  - Mission Finder

Strategic Angel Care (SAC)

Strategic Angel Care (SAC) serves orphans and a-risk children in St. Petersburg, Russia; Yekaterinburg, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia.

Each year, Russia releases 16,000 orphans into society after they turn 18 years old. With no skills, they must find a job, a place to live, and a way to survive. Most Don’t. Within 5 years… 90% of these graduate orphans end up in crime, prison, prostitution, drug addiction, or homeless…Another 5% have committed suicide.

It’s a grim statistic, but reality for boys and girls living in an orphanage. Younger children don’t know or understand, but as they get older and begin to know that their time in the orphanage is short and a saddened and sullen face overtakes the innocence of their childhood. I know… I’ve seen it.

Yet, the faces of these children glow when our short-term missionaries come and show them the love of Christ! It’s hard for them to understand, that we would come so far, just to spend time with them. Many of these kids have had to work through untold hardships, abuse, and voids in their lives. But, our visits change their lives and give them hope! I know… I’ve seen this too!

We serve in Orphanages, Shelters, Day Centers, Social Hotels and Camps. Our trips are usually in mid to late March, mid to late July for camps, and mid to late October. Evangelical individuals, families, and groups are welcome! Many skills are useful like crafts, games, sports, music, but are not required to come on a mission trip.


Our History

In 1999, members of Hunters’ Glen Baptist Church took their first mission trip to St. Petersburg, Russia to help out a local church and work with a shelter called “Child in Danger”. From the heart change of that first short-term mission trip a ministry was founded by John Neese who called it Strategic Angel Care (SAC) in which the name and logo infers remembrance of his previous work and connection with the Soviet Union as an USAF officer with the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War.

Early on John saw that the needs of these kids were to have caring Christians not only visit them, but spend time with them. Through this, trusting relationships are built, Christ’s love is shared, and children begin to have their broken lives mended.

Since it’s beginning in 2002, SAC has taken dozens of short term mission trip participants, grown to serve multiple ministry sites, and has served the needs of hundreds of children.

Our Mission

Our mission is creating environments that build relationships so Christ can be shared in the Former Soviet Union and our vision is to bring the love of Christ to orphans and at-risk children.

Our Values

Christ Centered, Relational, Servant Leadership, Evangelical, Accountable

Strategic Angel Care (SAC) - What We Do

Strategic Angel Care (SAC) is non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed with others who share our same passion for the orphans in Russia, to encourage direct personal involvement in missions, to provide for their physical well being and to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. SAC was originally started in January of 2002 to help the children of the “Child in Danger” Shelter in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Several times a year, SAC takes 10-day mission trips (Friday – Sunday) to St. Petersburg, Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union typically in the spring, summer, and fall. We spend five to six days of ministry in an after-school program in shelters, orphanages, day centers, children’s hospital, and transition homes for graduate orphans. In small groups our volunteers lead arts & crafts, sports and games, lead Bible lessons, and teach life skills to older orphans.

In a direct application of Matthew 25, we also serve the children’s physical and emotional needs along with their spiritual needs. This is accomplished by providing humanitarian aid in the form of Bibles, backpacks, school supplies, hygiene items, medicine, slippers, t-shirts, and small stuffed animals to help comfort them in their loneliness.

SAC is always looking for volunteers to lead a campaign to collect these items prior to our trips. Instruction brochures are provided to the volunteer leaders who are willing to help collect these items and are available in the Download section of this website. If you can’t go with us on a mission trip, this is a great way to get involved and make a difference in a child’s life!

SAC works to disciple and spend time with these orphans to build relationships so they can build upon their new faith in Christ. SAC returns to the same ministry sites during te year enabling a continuity of relationships so that orphans and hurting children don’t develop a further feeling of abandonment.

More than that, SAC encourages local Russian churches to be involved in orphan care through SAC as an outreach of their church that will help them develop their eager membership for leadership roles that serve to advance and strengthen their own church.

As translators and church members work along side us, they see ministry programming first hand. We empower the nationals to gain experience and confidence in themselves so they can apply these skills to their Sunday school, church camps, and other church leadership positions long after we have gone.

Has God touched your heart to help these orphaned and hurting children?

Strategic Angel Care has several ways to get involved from short term to long-term commitments. If you want to hear more about how to get involved in this ministry, please contact us

SAC Orphans participates in the Generous Giving Program. Click here to learn how you can support their work at no cost to you. 


Contact: Patricia Gross
Organization: Strategic Angel Care (SAC)
Phone: 972-941-4550
2001 West Plano Parkway, Suite 3420
Plano TX 75075

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