United Gospel Mission

United Gospel Mission (UGM) is a registered body with Government of India as a Non-Profit (Public Trust Act), having both its Administration & Registered Office in New Delhi.

UGM function as a facilitating body, for a network of over 80 little known native Christian Non-Profits, spread into seven needy states of North India

We identify ourselves as facilitating service organisation serving little-known nonprofits, ministries and churches, with a vision & purpose to bring Holistic Transformation across North India the Hindi Belt. In our efforts to act as a Facilitating active body, all our categorised activities carry through our six core intentionally identified agendas;

Advocacy, Capacity building, Networking, Mobilising, Fundraising and Member care.

Primary beneficiaries of our services are emerging little known native non-profits, ministries and churches, speared in seven weak states of North India. Which are being born, as an insiders approach is now isolated, unorganised, and scattered across the unreached North India. We work for these ministries, which are toiling day & night to make a difference with their limited resources.

At United Gospel Mission, we trust that our existence is to demonstrate the love of Christ and transform the most vulnerable, downtrodden and deprived human lives, through facilitating collaborative resources, which empower and sustain them to become better productive citizens.

In our efforts to act as a Facilitating active body, all our categorized activities carry through our six core intentionally identified agendas; i) Advocacy, ii) Capacity building, iii) Networking, iv) Mobilizing, v) Fundraising and vi) Member care.

ADVOCACY : UGM, Believes in Advocacy and strives to speak on behalf of unspoken, little-known Ministries/ Christian non-profits/Churches, in times of persecution, Natural Calamity, War or other unseen events.

CAPACITY BUILDING: UGM, aims to build strong and sustainable leadership base through mentor-ship programs.We strengthen and multiply the capacity of our members and partners through our various measurable growth-oriented programs.

NETWORKING: UGM, strives to connect small independent ministries or organizations at the National and International level, for partnership & networking through sharing of information and resources in a networks.

MOBILIZING: UGM seeks to engage people, prayer and resources among partnering Non-Profits organizations, Churches and Ministries in a transformational way to support long-term holistic activities.

FUNDRAISING : UGM understands the need for sustainability, so we focus on addressing economic issues and challenges of emerging Indian Churches, Missions and Grass root Non-Profits, in context to fundraising and sustainable development.

MEMBER CARE: UGM seeks to serve partnering churches, mission and grass root non-profits through facilitating resources like Personal Insurance, Communication Web, Parenting and Family Life workshops and etc.

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