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United World Mission

United World Mission partners with local Christians in 42 nations to form leaders, reproduce churches, and empower the poor and vulnerable. We create missional opportunities for North American churches and for God’s missionary servants who are called to serve in short and long-term ways. Our vision is of a church in every nation that blesses every nation and neighborhood by their life together in community, their works of mercy and justice, and their message of grace and hope through Christ’s death and resurrection. We’re glad you’ve come to discover United World Mission and the opportunities available for you to participate with us and our partners around the world.

Our History

Our history has two significant strands—United World Mission and the Latin America Mission. United World Mission was born in the heart of a local church and its pastor in Dayton, Ohio, in 1946. The Latin America Mission (LAM) was born in the hearts of Harry Strachan, a Canadian-born Scot and his Irish-born wife Susan who felt God’s missionary call to Argentina in 1921. LAM merged with UWM in 2014.

Our Mission

To equip leaders, establish churches, and engage integral mission, inviting the world to seek Jesus.

Our Values

1. Seek God First 2. Serve Partners Well 3. Commit to Community 4. Live Boldly 5. Surprise by Love

United World Mission - What We Do

United World Mission has over 350 missionaries in 45 countries and exists to develop well-trained, spiritually-formed leaders and to strengthen and multiply disciple-making churches that proclaim and demonstrate the gospel. We serve churches, donors and missionaries globally by helping them collaborate confidently with trusted, vetted partners for leadership development, church planting, and holistic outreach in strategic locations. We strive to seek God first, serve partners well, live boldly, commit to community, and surprise the world by loving others in the way of Jesus.

Contact: Support Staff
Organization: United World Mission
Phone: 704-357-3355
205 Regency Executive Park Dr.
Charlotte NC 28217

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