Stewardship. It’s a word used often in Christian Circles.

STEWARDSHIP. It’s a word used often in Christian circles. At Loving One By One, we take it seriously. We don’t want to be a ministry that is always only standing with our hand out. With the purchase of the new land, we have expanded our farming greatly. The goal is to raise pigs, goats, and cows to offset the financial burden of running a ministry with 60+ employees and 115 students at the school, who are all fed twice a day. In addition, the farmland produces bananas, giant avocados, passion fruit, eggplant, tomatoes, beans, and several other staples of the Ugandan diet.

The recently built home for the pigs is already being outgrown with new piglets that have been born recently, three baby goats, and a mother cow is expecting in July. Whew! Talk about raising a family! The work is never-ending, but our goal is to be sufficient as far as the food is concerned within the following year.

We want to be like the servant in Matthew 25. Only we don’t want to say, “Master, you gave us five talents. Here are five more.” Instead, we want to say, “You gave us 5 talents and we have produced 100 for you.” Maybe a stretch…but why not shoot for it.

Since the reporting last month of our mama who abandoned her four children because she couldn’t afford to feed them, the ministry is in the process of evaluating our New Creation families a lot closer. Currently, we have found NINE families who are struggling to feed their families.

Loving One by One has seen the NEED to provide part-time employment for these families around Grace Land. Uganda, as the world over, is facing SEVERE inflation. As a result, those barely making ends meet before finding it extremely difficult to feed their children.

While individual child sponsorship provides a solid Christian education, all uniforms, two meals a day, and complete medical for the child, parents, primarily single mothers, are in dire straits.

For only $40 a month, you can give work to these families. We are starting the program with nine families, but more are on the waiting list to be employed.

Please visit our site here to learn more about these families and who you can support them a family for only $40 per month. You can be the lifeline that these families have been desperately praying for.

Ken and Sherry founded Loving One By One Ministries after their first visit to Uganda in 2004. They saw the extreme poverty and medical needs of the poor and decided to do whatever they could to help alleviate the suffering wherever they could.

Birthed soon after this first trip to Uganda – a ministry based on the word of our Lord Jesus as recorded by Matthew, “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me.” Our efforts focus on providing education, as well as basic physical, spiritual, and medical needs to refugee children and their families.
We invite you to view our site here for more information about Loving One By One’s progress and to search God’s will for your lives in assisting with these efforts.

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