Using Art to Share the Gospel in Tatarstan

People International’s mission is to unveil God’s glory to Central Asian Muslims by establishing and supporting the Central Asian church. Their role is not only to establish churches but to enable them to grow to maturity and be fruitful. But in Tatarstan, Central Asia, the government doesn’t allow anyone to hand out Christian literature. So how do they do it?

We are excited to share with you a very creative and innovative outreach effort People International uses in Central Asians. Right in the middle of the Russian Federation exists the Eurasian Mission Bible College in Kazan, which equips Central Asians in Biblical mission for when they return to their homelands. The students have three mission placements during the first year of their two-year course, and recently on their third mission practice they went all creative! They organised an Art Exhibition within a major city in Tatarstan. They then walked the streets in prayer, inviting people to the exhibition. By explaining the paintings on display, they shared the wonderful Gospel story.

Over 150 folk visited the art exhibition. An older man confessed having heard about Jesus and His salvation. Even though authorities do not allow them to hand out Christian literature they can unofficially able to point the man in the right direction, for example on how to find out about local faithful churches near where he lives.

Please pray specifically for that older man, that his confession will prove to be genuine and that he will be able to link up with a local church where he can hear the bible faithfully taught week by week.

Also pray that the Holy Spirit will use the many conversations that were had during the exhibition to bring about lasting spiritual fruit. And remember the students, that through this experience they will have developed the ability to explain and share the glorious Gospel.

Established in the UK in 1979. People International has maintained its specific original focus on mission to Central Asia. People International now has offices in Canada, US, Latin America, Germany, Holland, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Why Central Asia? Sandwiched between Europe and Asia, but not firmly in either, this region has all but fallen from the gaze of the world and, more worryingly, the view of the Church.

People International is involved in supporting every area of the church’s ministry across Central Asia. There are many things that we take for granted: Bible colleges, books and Bibles not to mention free access to excellent healthcare and education that were founded by the church many years ago. Our role is not only to establish churches but to enable them to grow to maturity and be fruitful.

At half a billion people, less than half of one percent of whom are Bible believing Christians – Central Asia is the least reached region of the world and least served by gospel workers. You can start to make a difference today with People International – Central Asian mission. Learn how you can help them here.

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