Your $10 donation can save a child’s life in South Sudan

South Sudan is experiencing malaria outbreaks as never seen before. Last month, at our medical clinic, we saw over 3,000 pregnant mothers and children under age 5, most diagnosed with malaria. Emmanuel Achol, age 4, shown below, was but one of them who came to us with shivering, chills and a fever of 40.1°c (104°F). His sister also was admitted, diagnosed with malaria.


Through our ministry, In Deed and Truth, we were able to treat Emmanuel and his family so they were discharged and able to return home. Most importantly, they were ministered to, introduced to our friend, Jesus, and received prayer.

For only $10, this gift of malaria treatment is not expensive for one patient. But the overwhelming number of patients coming to our clinic is making this rainy season one of the most expensive for our ministry. When you purchase a Malaria Pack, consisting of one mosquito net, medication and rapid test kit, you are are not only bringing healing but helping us send this patient home with the hope of preventing future malaria outbreaks. All this for only $10. Learn how you can help.

It is such a huge step for them to come to us. These dear people trust us and with that trust comes opportunity to talk to them one on one, sharing ways they can protect their children against malaria, and telling them how important they are to Jesus and how much He loves them. We are blessed to be a part of this amazing work in South Sudan, where lives are transformed daily both physically and spiritually. Learn how to donate.

Please consider donating $10 or more if you can to help us save a life in South Sudan. Your donation will be used to purchase much needed Malaria Kits for the people suffering in the midst of this current malaria crisis. Donate $10 today.

Sabet and Suzy Kuj founded In Deed and Truth ministry in the late 1990’s.  They were dedicated to serving the people of South Sudan with medical care which, at that time, was basically nonexistent. Since then, a medical care facility has grown to serve the desperate needs of so many people in the area.

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