A New Home for “Johnny”

“Johnny” represents one of the hundreds of children removed from their homes this past year who have found a new home in our local Children’s Center. A new home and “family” made possible by your generous support. A new home where he is taken to a much brighter place – a place filled with love, hope, laughter and smiles. Johnny may be a toddler or teen. He may represent an adolescent girl with her own baby or part of a sibling group.

He may be Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American or Asian. His birth parents may be in prison or addicted to alcohol or drugs. They may be affluent or homeless. They may have lost parental rights because of sexual abuse or anger issues. Johnny may have come to his new home directly from an abusive household or after multiple placements with each move adding yet another traumatic experience. He embodies all the children here in our community who, through no fault of their own, have not only experienced the pain and suffering of an abusive environment, but also the deep-seated emotional states of feeling unwanted, lonely and angry.

Johnny also embodies all that is caring and good in our community. Because of community support – your volunteering on a missions trip – Johnny’s needs are being fulfilled. He is provided safety, professional counseling and love by caring staff or devoted foster parents. And, his future is being nurtured so that he has the education and social skills necessary to become a happy productive member of society, breaking generational abuse.

Epic Missions has a relationship with teens in Foster Care House where we are allowed visitation and interaction with the teens that are there. The teens come to our Missions base and mission teams holds a cookout, game night, movie night, ice cream social or some activity that keeps it fun for the kids and allows your team the opportunity to minister to these hurting teenagers. Mission teams pay for the cost of the activity, i.e. food, games, entertainment, etc…

These teens are also part of a regular youth group run by Epic Missions that meets in our pavilion each Tuesday. They are part of a character building program run by our full time youth director.

If you and/or your team is interested in working with these teens, please let us know in advance so that appropriate clearances can be obtained for your team members wishing to serve in that ministry. We must abide by the foster home rules and policies while working with their teens. No photos can be taken at this particular event per HPPA privacy rules.

Epic Missions specializes in customized short term Christian missions trips to Florida for youth groups, schools, churches, adult groups, families, senior adults, public and private schools and organizations. Our missions experience is tailored to the skill level and missions desire for each group. Our Florida location allows great opportunities for missions as well as days off for relaxation, sightseeing or entertainment. We coordinate your entire experience during your missions week. We are the real deal – located on a 16 acre air conditioned base with comfortable pillow top mattresses. We won’t send you to a church and have you sleep on a floor and shower at the YMCA. That’s because we run our own missions base year round!

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