Help take the gospel where Christ is not know

Jesus Film Mission Trips offers more than 40 mission trips each year to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our professional mission trip leaders provide safe and meaningful experiences for teams ranging from 5 to 30 participants. Since 1997 we have taken more than 7,000 individuals to some of the most unreached people groups in the world. Our mission is to take the gospel everywhere Christ is not known.

We’re looking for people with a love for the Lord, a taste for adventure, and a desire to serve Christ by helping to reach those who have never heard the gospel.

Our mission is to partner with national ministries by taking volunteers from the body of Christ on short-term trips to evangelize the least-reached using “JESUS” film products and distributing copies of the “JESUS” film in the local languages. The teams also host large outdoor film showings, resulting in many viewers coming to know Christ personally.

You could come with us to Africa and show the “JESUS” film in villages and be blessed with the welcoming smiles and grateful hearts of these dear people.

Another option is to join a mission trip to Europe where you will distribute DVDs of the “JESUS” film, as well as Bibles and other materials to interested people living in—or traveling through—select European cities. Our European summer mission trips are also effective for getting the gospel proclaimed in North Africa and the Middle East.

As you can understand, in some countries the gospel isn’t allowed to be shared openly and discretion is needed. We do not show the exact names of these locations. You can view our mission trips to the Middle East and mission trips to Asia but for security, only the region is shown. Teaching English, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), has been a helpful way to build relationships with students and has opened the door for spiritual conversations.

Months of planning have gone into each of our short-term mission trips. Yet, the fact is they can only happen if volunteers like you join us to accomplish the trip strategy. Our partners in the mission field are asking for your help, so let’s see where God is leading you.

Jesus Film Mission Trips is a ministry of Cru, Campus Crusade for Christ International. The Jesus Film has been shown in over 1,300 languages on every nation in the world. To date it is responsible for 6.5 billion exposures to the gospel and 230 million indicated decisions for Christ. Learn more here how you can be part of an amazing journey as you volunteer and/or help support the ministry of Jesus Film Mission Trips. Not only will countless lives be changed with the message of the gospel, be assured that yours will too.

On MissionFinder, we have over 1,000 ministries offering opportunities like this to serve at home and around the world. Does your church or organization need help organizing mission trips? Check out our partner site, Their easy to use software will help you manage all the details for your short-term mission trips and team members online. Unlimited Trips. Unlimited team members. Easy online fundraising for your team members. Try it free for 30 days. Learn more here.



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