MBA Intern

MBA Intern

  • Posted: Dec 26, 2019
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The OM USA Board is revamping its board selection process. This project would involve working with a board subcommittee to research peer organizations, compile results, develop a matrix, forms, and presentations. Intern would interact with Board members and staff for thorough understanding of governance model and how Board is recruiting for the future.

All interns must formally accept and abide by OM USA’s Statement of Faith for the duration of the internship. Applications available for Spring and Fall semesters; 1-year options available as well.

Resources and information are available if you are interested in serving in an affiliated OM overseas mission trip as a part of the internship. Home-stay with a national is NOT possible

Apartment housing on the OM USA campus is included in an internship commitment, as well as a monthly stipend for living costs.

Qualifications of on-field supervisor:
As an intern you will work directly for members of the OM management team, who have experience both in the corporate world in their field, as well as in international nonprofit. You will receive vocational mentoring by senior level OM staff, as well as monthly meetings with OM Vice Presidents.

Degree Credit available upon the approval of your university/college supervisors.

Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship

  • Posted: Oct 19, 2019
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Operation Mobilization (OM) a worldwide Christian missionary organization has  partnered with a tech-based company that is offering a “prime” (like Amazon Prime) service to online retailers. We are in the process of setting up collection centers where customers can pick up their packages, as well as developing partnerships with local business to become strategic partners in this business. We are looking for entrepreneurs who would be excited to gain experience with an innovative startup.

Qualifications of on-field supervisor: A seasoned entrepreneur in the Arabian Peninsula, with experience in logistics, retail, and technology.

Accreditation: Degree Credit available upon the approval of your university/college supervisors.