Banah Foundation

BANAH, which in Hebrew means to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue, is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to seeing significant long-term change in the lives and families it touches at the most basic level.


I live on an island in Honduras called Roatan. In the year 2013, God spoke to my heart and gave me the ROADORA Vision, which means Roatan Adora. And we began with my wife to organize ourselves to carry out the vision of which consists of carrying the message of Salvation and raising worship altars […]

Just 1 Global

In 2005, Just 1 Global’s founder began traveling to Belize. A model of connecting individuals, families, churches, schools, and businesses to ministries run by national leaders emerged. 120 short-term mission trips have thrived since this initial mission trip. Over 50 churches have been encouraged and partnered with through the gifts and skills of mission goers […]

Granada Christian Education Center

Our founders and their missionary partners have been serving in the city of Granada and other local communities since 2006. The GCEC is one of many entities born from the El Puente Mission Base. The larger work at hand includes the bilingual El Puente Church (Iglesia Cristiana El Puente), located in Granada, the sports ministry […]

His Hands International

David & Beverly Varner are missionaries to Guatemala and the founders of His Hands International. David surrendered to full time ministry in 2003-2004 time frame. When David surrendered to the Lord, he felt the Lord calling him to use his talents for the Lord. David points out that his talents are indeed a blessing from […]

Rayo de Esperanza

Provides a loving, Christian home for orphans who have been rejected, neglected, abused, and left without a family. Our philosophy is that children thrive best in a house-parent setting. We can accommodate up to eight children per set of house parents. Our houses and other facilities are designed to foster growth and youthful experimentation in […]

Spanish Institute of Honduras

At the Spanish Institute of Honduras, studying Spanish is much more than grammar and vocabulary. As a school developed for evangelical missionaries, we integrate teaching, support, encouragement, preparation, and experience into your time with us! Ask us about language intensives, missionary programs, online programs, and kids’ classes. Come as friends; leave as family.

Asociación Padre Vito Guarato

We are a 35 year old foundation located in Panchimalco, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. Our organization is dedicated totally for boarding, health and education for 110 disabled children an adults abandoned by their parents at born or when young. Our facilities count with hospital, school, therapy center and all additional infrastructure for their […]

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