Jamaica experience

Assisting a missionary reaching out to all ages with christian movies to schools and churches. Opportunities abound and evangelism can reach all ages.

Travel the Road – People of the Trees

Beyond the known world and deep in the jungles of New Guinea, missionaries, Timothy Scott and William Decker, seek to make contact with the a remote and mysterious tribe known as the Korowai. Their mission begins as they outfit an expedition party and set off into the forest in search of uncontacted settlements. Trudging for […]

Travel the Road – The Earthquake

At 11:56 AM, on April 25, 2015, the nation of Nepal suffered one of its worst earthquakes in over 80 years. Remarkably, missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker happen to be there at that exact moment. In the aftermath, Tim and Will run onto the streets of Kathmandu to witness downed buildings and citizens digging […]

Travel the Road – Return to Africa

Timothy Scott and William Decker Return to Africa and embark on an expedition from another time. Their mission is to reach the Hadzabe bushmen of northern Tanzania. This visceral and poetic journey highlights the marvels and wonders of Africa. Travel the Road is a groundbreaking Christian reality series that follows the lives of missionaries, Timothy Scott […]

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