Overseas Teaching Mission Opportunities

TeachBeyond is a global community of followers of Jesus, seeking to provide transformational education services to children and adults in order to promote holistic personal growth and enduring social benefit. Join us in participating in God’s global work by serving Him through transformational education! * TEACH: Serve as a Christian educator at one of many […]

School Teacher

OM exists to see vibrant communities of Christ-followers established among the least reached. You can catalyze the vision to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached by developing strong relationships with your students and by excelling in your vocation. You will be able to motivate students to fill their God given potential, […]

Missionary Kids Teacher Needed in Russia

We need teachers for missionary families living among unreached people groups in Russia. Educational assistance is often the missing link between a passionate missionary and effective ministry. Perhaps you are that link?

Residential Mentor- 1 year

Mentors are college age, full-time residential staff who live and work in one of the four homes we have on campus. They support the houseparents in their responsibilities, provide academic instruction according to our individualized approach to education, and seek to engage in daily discipleship of students ranging from 6 to 18 years of age.

Wayumi – Your Adventure into Tribal Missions

One cultural aspect of the Yanomamo people in Venezuela is something called Wayumi (pronounced why/you’/me). It involves leaving their woods or home, to go to another place, for a period of time for a specific purpose.  In their language, it would be similar to us saying we are going on holiday, vacation, business trip etc. […]

Southern Malawi 2019

We are planning our largest team ever to Malawi for our Southern Malawi, 2019 mission. This will be in the summer. Please contact us for specific dates. We will have four foci this year: 1. Training pastors who are either rural or refugees. 2. Conduct a VBS at both locations. 3. Conduct training for Sunday […]

Volunteer Mission Belize Orphanage Childcare Program

Our programs in Belize offer an unparalleled opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating lands of Central America. Belize is a stable, democratic country that lies on the eastern Central American coast; nestled between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea. Belize is culturally unique among Central American nations. It is the only nation in […]

Volunteer Mission Chile La Serena: Orphanage, Senior Care Center, Teaching English

Chile’s striking natural wonders, its rich cultural history, friendly people and stable government make it an ideal place to visit and volunteer! Although Chile boasts one of the most stable economies in South America, Chile suffers from one of the most uneven distributions of wealth in the world. There are estimates that almost 60% of […]

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