• Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

  • Our Mission to Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

Our Mission to Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean and one of the poorest countries in the world. Our vision is to create real and lasting changes to inspire and elevate those we serve by giving them hope and a future. The mission of Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation is to educate, to sponsor, to care for the less fortunate whom might otherwise be forgotten in the rural communities of Haiti and are in desperate need of the most basic essentials of life, educational tools, nutritious foods, potable water and medical assistance. The foundation established a primary school, organizes yearly medical mission trips; plans to start a secondary and a technical school, and installs water filtering systems throughout the country.




Opportunities year round. Please inquire.


A heart to serve

What We Will Do

Our focus is on medical mission trips, education and water filtering systems.

We are seeking medical professionals – doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses and other medical technicians who want to volunteer their time, energy, talents and skills to travel to Haiti. These professionals will provide a variety of healthcare services and treatments – from lifesaving immunization, dental care, prescribed surgeries, and obstetrical and gynecological care for mothers and young women. We also need hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies here in the United States to donate medicines, supplies and equipment. If you want to take part in this courageous mission, contact us. You can help us soothe their cries. These people need our help!

About 50% of schooled age of all children are not able to attend school because of financial difficulties. More than 30% of Haitian children attending primary school will not make it to third grade, and more 60% will drop out before reaching sixth grade. More than 90% of primary schools are private. They are owned and/or managed by communities, religious organizations or NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations). The literacy rate for males is around 64% and 57% for females which is 92% by comparison for other developing nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Here’s how you can help. Would you sponsor a child donating$20.00 monthly or $240.00 yearly for uniforms, school supplies & tuitions? We promise you a copy of the child school progress report & pictures.

Our school was funded in 2006 with 18 kids as of today we have a student body of 129 children.

Clean water. Made possible by a simple and sustainable one simple filter.

This filter reduces the leading causes of death and disease in the developing world. It removes parasites, bacteria, and viruses from contaminated water making it safer to drink. It’s the first point-of-use technology of its kind that is designed to deliver safe water for a family with the expected life of more than 10 years.

We know that water wells can often get contaminated, which is why a filter of this kind is needed. And we know that other filters just aren’t sustainable or lack the capacity to meet daily family needs. This filter that is proven to deliver safe water in the home at point-of-use.


Contact: Joseph Domond
Phone: 909-816-7207
PO Box 1235

Claremont CA91711

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