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Uganda Mission Trip

Uganda is becoming a Christian nation in the heart of an Islamic continent. The economy is improving, but Uganda remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Although God is awakening the church to action, poverty is still rampant in Uganda, and lack of governmental funds to assist the unemployed perpetuates the cycle of poverty. If you believe that you would like to share your God given gifts and talents with the people of Uganda, please contact us for information on upcoming trips as well as testimonies from those who have already gone to serve and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Uganda is a country populated with beautiful people. It is also a country saturated in color and a variety of landscapes that have stirred inspiration in travelers and residents for eons. The Nile River, a source of wonder for thousands of years, receives most of its valuable supply water from Lake Victoria, and passes through nine different countries on its north to south journey: Tanzania, Kenya, Zaire, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, the Sudan, and finally Egypt. Despite its physical beauty, Uganda is still a country of great need, with many orphans, street children, and areas of extreme poverty.


Loving One By One leads short-term mission team trips to Uganda twice each year, normally in January and June. Please contact us using the inquiry form below for more information. We’d love to have you!


The ministry’s efforts focus on providing education, as well as physical, spiritual, and medical needs to refugee children and their families. Since its inception, Loving One By One has clothed and fed orphaned street children; conducted numerous medical and de-worming clinics; established New Creation Centre, a school for refugee children; opened New Creation Family Home, an home which serves orphaned children in a loving family atmosphere; and most recently, purchased nine acres of land just outside the capital city of Kampala to create a centralized location for the ministry’s school, home, church, guest quarters, and medical facilities. We call this property “GraceLand”. The “new” New Creation Family Home main facility is scheduled to open at this site in the summer of 2013 with ground breaking for additional cluster family homes in planning. We welcome all volunteers who are able to help us with these programs.

What We Will Do

The reasons we are going to Uganda include the following: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by our words and deeds To lead to Christ anyone that we come into contact with that is willing To feed, clothe and medicate the children living on the streets of Kampala, Uganda To hold medical clinics in the slums and various orphanages of Kampala To hold Vacation Bible School in several different locations To help the teachers and work with the children at “New Creation Centre” school To minister to the children of Loving One by One’s Orphanage “New Creation Family Home” To visit the workers and babies at the Sanyu Babies’ Home To worship at local churches To grow in our faith and love of God by serving others To visit local African markets To visit the source of the River Nile To experience the adventure of being in Africa All of the above are good and worthy reasons for our trip to Uganda. Some may have other very good reasons as well, and we pray that our efforts will be fruitful. If we find that our efforts are NOT fruitful will we give up? Let us hope not. If we were to make Matthew 28:19-20 our driving passion, to see people become a disciple of Christ, would we be accomplishing all that Christ has asked? Our Lord Jesus Christ told us to spread His Gospel to the ends of the earth. He also told us to take care of widows and orphans, and He said that whatever we do to the least we do to Him. Why did He tell us to do these things? He told us to do them for the glory of God.

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