Mission Discovery

Maury Buchanan, a youth minister since 1975, was born in Greenwood, Mississippi. Maury became a Christian when he was 19, while working at a radio station in Florence, Alabama. After many years with Youth For Christ and as a youth minister, Maury led teams of students from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee to places like […]

Restore Hope Ministries

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling the lost into a life-changing relationship with Christ—and encouraging Christians to boldly live out their faith. We hold events that include worship, praying and dynamic preaching.

MBF – Medical Benevolence Foundation

MBF helps mission hospitals, clinics and nursing school partners in developing countries with resources and expertise. Our partners set the goals they want to achieve in their transition toward higher standards of care, greater sustainability, and furthering the Gospel of Christ through medical ministry. We come along-side and help them get – and keep – […]

Life Builders International

We have been running a flying ministry in Guatemala city for the last 21 years. We are a spirit filled evangelical non-denominational organization. We run a hotel in Guatemala city that funds our feeding center helping support widows and orphans with basic needs like food and water near Lake Atitlan

Modern Day Missions

Modern Day Missions is an international, interdenominational Christian mission organization focused on providing financial services to missionaries. Modern Day Missions offers an exclusive donor management platform to receive tax-deductible donations. Since 2008, they have served approximately 1100 Christian missionaries in 70 nations. Modern Day Missions is currently the largest independent missionary organization in the United […]

The Farm of Hope

The Farm of Hope in Costa Rica is a Christian evangelistic and discipleship program for mostly adult men with life-controlling issues which result in homelessness and addictions. We also give free equine therapy to children with disabilities. Our staff serves as intercultural missionaries as we strive to serve the Lord Jesus Christ bringing hope and […]

Reel Teens

The purpose of Reel Teens is to be a safe haven of love, support, and fun for teens while promoting spiritual growth and service to the community.