Prairie Bible College of Mission Aviation

Prairie is a leading Canadian Christian post-secondary institution that integrates applied education, biblical literacy & spiritual formation in order to equip students to help address some of the world’s greatest needs. Our Mission at Prairie is to help establish God’s kingdom by equipping and mentoring individuals through biblically integrated education for life and careers that […]

Liberty University School of Aeronautics

Over the last 15 years, Liberty University School of Aeronautics degree programs have grown from four students to over 1,700, becoming one of the largest faith-based aviation programs in North America. Our desire is to grow leaders one at a time who know their identity, thrive in their faith, and love others in Christ to […]

LeTourneau College of Aviation and Aeronautical Science

Welcome to the LeTourneau University (LETU) College of Aviation & Aeronautical Science. Your interest in aviation and the aeronautical sciences has brought you to one of the nation’s outstanding colleges for pilot, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, and mission aviation training. LETU is also the only comprehensive, university-level aviation program in the state of Texas. […]

Moody Bible Institute Aviation

With Moody Aviation, you can train to be a missionary pilot mechanic or maintenance specialist and develop technical and spiritual skills to equip you for the rigors of mission work. Experience comprehensive training that will prepare you to meet the challenges presented by missions flying and maintenance in diverse environments. When you major in Missionary […]

School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT)

The School of Missionary Aviation Technology specializes in training individuals to serve as aircraft maintenance specialists and/or pilots with mission organizations around the world. Missionary aviation is a unique kind of aviation that takes a special level of knowledge, skills and attributes. SMAT works hard to develop and build into individuals the unique knowledge, skills […]

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