New GateWay Solutions

As a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization, New GateWay Solutions’ mission is to provide an approach and solutions that alleviate poverty and prevent homelessness among those living under the poverty line.”

New GateWay’s vision is to accomplish its mission by providing career readiness, career training, housing stabilization assistance, job interviews, job fairs, a functioning internet café and a food pantry, all leading to self-sufficient productive members of society.

Our History

Our organization was born out of the recession when many lost their jobs and churches saw a significant decrease in tithing and volunteers for the various outreaches to the community. Many of the unemployed were absorbed with trying to make a living and many lost hope. Although the economy has rebounded a bit since, in 2018 there are still many that have not found sustainable employment and many are still living in their cars.

Our Mission

New GateWay’s approach is to provide a homelessness prevention program that assists referrals who are in crisis. We help them maintain their housing and find employment as soon as possible. New GateWay also works with those who are newly homeless and are motivated to work, to help them acquire housing as soon as possible after finding employment.

Our case managers walk alongside them and help with resumes, interviewing skills, training and job search. We use a one-on-one coaching system that gives each person a personal touch. We pray for them and encourage and support them as they go through the job search process. We help remove any obstacles to employment such as housing, transportation, clothing and food.

Over the past five years, New GateWay’s has built a strong ‘partnership network’ of businesses, employers, training institutions, human resource and business development experts, churches, nonprofit organizations and ministries, both national and international, unified in the pursuit of our mission in San Diego (in the short term), nationally (in the medium term) and internationally (in the long term).

Our Values

We are passionate about supporting the great commission. We can best support those that share the gospel by increasing their financial stability and teaching them the value of tithing and giving as part of their worship. Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate Jesus’ love in action during a time when a crisis may render most people powerless.

What We Do

New GateWay Solutions provides services to a wide spectrum of our unemployed community especially those who have been unemployed for long periods of time due to circumstances outside of their control. Our participants include:

  • Unemployed seniors (55 and over)
  • Unemployed youth
  • Displaced workers
  • Single heads of households
  • Veterans
  • Empty nesters
  • Homeschooling parents
  • Long term illness survivors
  • Homeless

Our competent and compassionate staff seeks diligently to come alongside each of our program participants who are in need of practical assistance to prepare for a new job or start a business. It is the intention of this organization to work with each of our participants for as long as it takes to obtain employment sustainability.

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