Spanish Institute of Honduras

At the Spanish Institute of Honduras, studying Spanish is much more than grammar and vocabulary. As a school developed for evangelical missionaries, we integrate teaching, support, encouragement, preparation, and experience into your time with us! Ask us about language intensives, missionary programs, online programs, and kids’ classes. Come as friends; leave as family.

Our History

The Spanish Institute of Honduras was started as an offshoot of a local seminary by a Camino Global missionary for the purpose of providing language classes to future missionaries. In 2013 the Spanish Institute of Honduras became a legally registered Honduran company and has continued to grow and expand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a strong linguistic foundation for all our students, allowing them to grasp and love both the Spanish language and the Latino culture. We know that the divide between countries and cultures can be bridged with intentional teaching, so we take advantage of the time our students are with us to offer them preparation, encouragement, and positive experiences.

Our Values

Our vision is to have our students learn language through relational experiences, meaning their linguistic knowledge is directly applied into building relationships, both inside and outside of the school. Personalized instruction and tailored interactions are used as the catalysts, with deepened community as the result! With our Christian foundations, we aim to prepare our missionaries for creating strong, lasting connections with whoever it is they are serving.

What We Do

Our teachers are the heart of our Institute. Being local Hondurans, all of whom have a passion for multiculturalism, they invest in the students to see them grow and adapt to Latin America. It begins in the classroom with grammar and vocabulary instruction. However, it goes far beyond that. Since instruction is one-on-one, each student and teacher develop a friendship with each other. We value developing community at our school. Students also become connected with other students through holiday and birthday celebrations, interactions during class or recess, activities scheduled outside of school hours, and our weekly Bible study. “Come as friends; leave as family” is much more than our motto. It is our guiding point and the heart of the Institute’s creation. Being in the mission field is not an easy feat, which is why we love to be the first steppingstone. Supporting our missionary students in their transition allows them to adapt better to the newness of it all.

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