Why I fight for Nicaragua in D.C.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing

Today is an incredible day. U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Carlos Trujillo just landed in Nicaragua.

Ambassador Trujillo and the Department of State have been in talks with Daniel Ortega for many days, advocating for Ortega to peacefully step down, and step out, of Nicaragua.

Somehow, God has made a way for me to be a part of this. So begins a letter written on June 19, 2018, by Tanya Amador, Corner of Love, a ministry serving in Nicaragua.

The photo above shows Villagers from rural communities Corner of Love serves mobilize towards San Ramon to go march in Matagalpa for freedom. Peaceful protests like the march they are headed to join, which call for the resignation of Ortega, have been attacked by Sandinista gangs and pro-government police who indiscriminately fire into the crowds. Over 200 have been killed throughout the country since April 18.

In early May I heard God say, “Go to D.C.” There was no plan. There were no guarantees. All I knew was that I had one meeting scheduled. So I decided I would just be obedient because I was sure the calling to go to Washington D.C. was from the Lord.

Showing solidarity with protesters outside the OAS

Since the first day I arrived, every appointment has led to another which led to another and another. Now my cries for justice and an end to the suffering in Nicaragua have reached this world’s maximum leaders through the Department of State, United Nations, and The Organization of American States. Relationships have formed and new friends throughout the entire globe know of our work in San Ramon. I am awestruck by who the Lord has connected us with.

At the historical moment that delegates from the OAS voted to suspend Venezuela due to their repeated human rights violations and failed democracy.

Now, change is in the air for Nicaragua as a country. I can feel it. There is much work still to do, but I can feel God’s breath, like a welcomed gust of wind, saying “FREEDOM. FREEDOM. FREEDOM.” To me it sounds like a faint whisper growing just one fraction of a decibel louder every day.

Please pray for Ambassador Trujillo today. He is taking with him an idea that is my contribution to Nicaragua’s path to peace. We do not know if Ortega will accept this idea or reject it, but it is what got Trujillo on the plane to Managua today. Ambassador Carlos Trujillo, who I now consider a friend, may accompany Nicaragua into a new era of FREEDOM that no longer involves Ortega, Murillo, or any of the Sandinistas who perpetrate violence against their own people. There may also be a roll for me, and I might have to travel to Managua if this idea becomes God’s chosen path to peace for “el pueblo.”

For now, I am here in D.C. and will be at the Department of State this Thursday with Ambassador Trujillo upon his return from Managua.

The stakes could not be higher right now. Chaos still reigns in Managua, food is scarce in the villages and the northern region, and the people of Nicaragua access TV stations that are owned by Ortega. These and other official radio stations repeatedly give messages of Sandinista strength, even though their end is near. History tells us that dictators usually get thrown out the window instead of walking out the front door and battles are playing out in Masaya, Leon, and many other cities. For the average citizen in Nicaragua, the current situation is one of violence, fake news, and uncertainty.

In the midst of this, God is using our mission and has put me in a unique spot at this critical time. He is showing me glimpses of a new beginning for the country I love. Visions of Nicaragua as a new nation fill both my daytime hours and my nighttime dreams. Nelson and I hope in the Lord and humbly ask for your support and for prayers for safety, progress, and above all, no more bloodshed in Nicaragua. If you’d like to support the work we are doing right now please learn more here.

I fight for Nicaragua in D.C. because many years ago I promised God that I would never abandon the people of Nicaragua.

Though only I am here physically in Washington, you are here with me in my heart!

In 1983, Nelson Amador left San Ramón, Nicaragua, the last of nine siblings sent to safety in the US during a dangerous post-revolution time. After ten years, he returned home in 1993 and introduced his American wife, Tanya, and their children to his hometown and a way of life that he still longs for. Together they dreamed of how they could someday help rebuild San Ramón and nourish people both physically and spiritually. In the year 2000, they launched Corner of Love Ministries and began working to make this dream a reality.

Today they serve the people of Nicaragua by hosting numerous humanitarian teams each year and Corner of Love Ministries touches the lives of thousands in impoverished Northern villages. Through medical, dental, and optical clinics, family sponsorships, service and water improvement projects, educational aid, and church development, the mission has grown into a major source of help for people living on less than $1US per day in the remote villages of the Matagalpa Region. To learn how you can support their work, click here.

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