It all Started When…

God is great all of the time! If someone would have told us in 2004 that the Lord would call us to ministry work with people in Africa, we would have said, “No way – we have so much that we have to do here.” But as we all know, God has a system of fitting the pieces of life together in ways that constantly amaze us.

We are Sherry and Ken Roberts, disciples of the Lord Jesus and servants of His plan in a ministry, “Loving One By One”, working in Uganda, Africa. The story of how we came to answer His call to this wonderful country began early in 2004 – a time when we were contentedly working our respective jobs, a church administrative assistant, and an experienced sound engineer.

A God-scheduled meeting with a singing group from Kampala ministering at our church led us to fellowship with the group members and ultimately to assist in its establishment of the first Christian Recording Studio in Kampala, Uganda. As an experienced and decorated sound engineer, Ken was obedient to God’s call to help with the set-up of the studio and we were off to Uganda. What we experienced during that first visit to Kampala ignited a fire that we soon recognized as God’s direction for our lives.

The needs of children and families in Uganda were more than we could imagine. Poverty, disease, poor hygiene, lack of water, lack of education, and the omission of so many other basic needs became horrifically real as we witnessed all that in the eyes of beautiful children, refugees from war-torn northern Uganda and Sudan who were now ostracized in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

So we started…

We opened New Creation Centre, a school for children who couldn’t afford Uganda school fees. In 2016, we opened new school buildings and moved operations to Graceland. There are now 50 children attending school there. Our teams used to stay at a guesthouse in Kampala but now they are able to be in wonderful housing at Graceland during the Short Term Mission trips.


Early on we began holding medical clinics in the slums and villages around Kampala. Our doctors treat approximately 1,000 per day. Loving One By One provides all expenses for surgeries for the ones who could never afford it. Recently, we had a grand opening of The New Hope Medical Clinic on land adjacent to Graceland. This clinic provides emergency services to those in the the surrounding village and we are able to cover expenses for these surgeries, as well.

One stunning example of a successful surgery is this precious young girl below whose bow legs were surgically corrected so she now is able to grow up strong and live a full life as God has graciously provided for her through Loving One By One.

In the beginning, Loving One By One opened a home, housing 18 young children. They are now in high school and attend Grace Christian High School. With the other children we sponsor, there are 65 students at Grace High. Loving One By One is providing all High School costs for these underprivileged and orphaned students. These students have been with Loving One by One since kindergarten.

Grace Christian High School

With the purchase of two additional acres of land, we plan to build another school building as the classes grow, which will also double as a community center.

Ken and Sherry are so excited to welcome you to “Loving One By One Ministries.” Birthed soon after this first trip to Uganda – a ministry based on the word of our Lord Jesus as recorded by Matthew, “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me.” Our efforts focus on providing education, as well as basic physical, spiritual, and medical needs to refugee children and their families.

Join us…

Team members come from all over the world for a two week trip serving in Uganda. Trips are held in January and June-July each year.

Learn more about the work of Loving One by One and how you can volunteer or help support them here.

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